“We become what we behold. We shape our tools, and thereafter our tools shape us.”
― Marshall McLuhan

Product Detail: Wire and Cable Cutters / Strippers

The following is just a short listing of the various toolings we use and maintain at Nortra-Cables. If the tool aids in wire processing, we probably have it, or know where to get it.

  • Wire Processing

    Schleuniger EcoCut 3300
    Schleuniger MP 257
    Schleuniger US 2015
    Schleuniger PowerStrip 9500
    Clipper Belt Lacer ZZRP 8”
    Eubanks 2700 Series IV

  • Crimping

    TE Connectivity K-Press
    TE Connectivity Model G-Press
    Molex TM-40 / 42 Bench Press
    Molex ETC ATP-101-CBC Press
    Panduit CP-860 Press
    Panduit CP-861 Press
    TE, Molex, Panduit, Mecal Applicators and More!

  • Hand Crimp Tools

    TE Connectivity (Tyco/AMP)
    Midland Ross

  • Pneumatic Equipment

    3M Pneumatic Model 3335
    TE Pistol Grip Crimpers
    Panduit PATIM2 Tie-Wrap Guns

  • Quality/Test Equipment

    Cirrus 1100H+ Cable Analyzer
    Cirrus 1000H Cable Analyzer
    Fluke Network Cable Analyzer
    Alphatron Contact Pull Tester
    Starrett Micrometers
    MeasurLink Sigma-6 Tracking
    BK Precision AutoBench 3000
    Bel Merit Lan-Coax Cable Analyzer
    Protek B-818 Counter

Cirris 1100H+ Signature Hipot Tester
Serial Labeling
Panduit Auto Tie-Wrap Applicator
Coax Cable Cutter
TE Applicator
Power Box Build
PowerStrip 9500
PowerStrip 9500
PowerStrip 9500